Headmistress's Message

It is indeed a great privilege to greet you all through this Portal. It gives me great pleasure to share my thoughts with you. The focus in CBS is to help the student to bloom into an adult as his creator has destined. It is a privilege for me at CBS Asansol to partner the Principal,Administrator,with staff members,students and their families in continuing to shape a safe,challenging environment that is full of life and energy.

Remember every one of us is born to be significant, special and successful in life. We are all born with a powerbase of energy. We need to dig deep inside and tap the power that we are born with and start creating a life that we want.When we have unstoppable self confidence our world will change.

Self belief in our ability will draw others towards us,it magnetizes people to us, to assist us in fulfilling our dreams, positive thinking, when combined with self confidence makes one a true winner in every situation.

Self confidence leads to success and Success means the courage, the determination and the will to become the person we believe we are meant to be. If we want to be successful in life we have to believe that we can achieve what we want and that core belief is the first step to achieving. Self belief is developed from inside.

We must always remember that we are capable people. There will be times of doubt and fear, but we need to grit our teeth and work through these fears. We need to step out of our comfort zone. When we take charge of our life, we will begin to enjoy life. By adopting a positive attitude, we will realize the power within us. Let us take control and direct our minds towards exactly what we want in life. Remove negative thoughts as this leads to lack of self confidence and self belief. Let’s stay focused on what we want and not on what we don’t want.

Remember everything we want in life is waiting for us outside our comfort zone and inside our effort zone. We just need to make a move.

I express my sincere gratitude and heartfelt thanks to our Honorable Chairman Bishop Dr.Philip S.Masih, our respected Principal and Secretary Mr. Raja McGee and all the Members of CBS Managing Committee for their support.

I thank all the parents of our students for their continued support and encouragement.

I thank our lord and savior Jesus Christ for all the Blessings He has bestowed on all of us. We pray that the Almighty father continues to bless the CBS family as we continue our dedicated services in the field of education.

God Bless

Miss N.Greene

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